Blinds coordinate elegantly with your style while enjoying a smooth reliable operation. Faux Wood and Real Premium Wood options available.

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When considering what Blinds we wanted to offer…It was a resounding Yes to the Highest Quality of Materials, Craftsmanship, and a Great Value. Cordless options to avoid inuries and provide a safe home were also a must.

* Blinds that fit tighter than the standard, and lay flatter.

* No rout holes in the louvers offers better privacy while keeping more light out than most blinds.

* Slim profile and smoother finish with many coordinating colors to choose from

* NEW– Cord Release System is designed to prevent cord entanglement of children or pets

Custom Blind Types

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds with extra added benefits to satisfy everyone. Enjoy many features, benefits and options. CLICK HERE to See More about Faux Wood Blinds!

Real Wood Blinds

Made from real hardwood, meant to last a lifetime. Quality built with many colors available. CLICK HERE to see more about Real Wood Blinds from My Blind Lady

Aluminum Blinds

Slick and resilient performance with anti static properties to resist dust. Antimicrobial properties repel fuangal and bacteria growth. CLICK HERE to see more!

Cordless Blinds

For the safety conscious and for just having a cleaner look without all those cords. This option makes all the sense and many of our customers love being able to lift the window treatment from the bottom rail.

Children and Pets have a safer enviornment with cordless shades. No more tangled and fussy mess that traditional cords caused. 

Faux Wood Blinds

Better resistance to humidity and the weather is what sets our Faux Wood Treatments apart. Impact resistant gives your the durability to withstand the rigors or punishment from everyday use.

How much do blinds cost per window?


When it comes to the price of blinds, no two are alike. Therefore there are many considerations that affect the cost.

Some of the factors will depend on if you choose real wood or faux wood. Real wood is generally always more money. Cloth tape and larger valances can also increase the price a bit. As well as the size of the window you are wanting to cover.

Take these all into account, but know that My Blind Lady will provide the most competitive and affordable options on the market.

What are standard blinds sizes?


Some of the sizes are 2″, 2.5″. These numbers refer to the louver size. The 2.5 offers more view through the window (when opened), than the 2″ because you can cover a window with less louvers

What are the best blinds for windows?


Materials used in manufacturing, processes for construction, and benefits gained determine what is the best.

Considering that our blinds are Impact Resistant and have a Polydeco Headrial, we consider them to be superior!

Smart privacy eliminates any route holes theough the louvers, allowing little to no light through. Best in class Warranty is also a major factor. We provide a top rated product for your home.

Absolutely pleased with our new shades! They are exactly what we needed and Shane and Jeanette were wonderful to work with!! The shades give our room a totally different look…privacy without total darkness.” .

Lucy Harrington - Lafayette, LA

Very professional and great to work with. I called 3 companies and they were the only one to return my call and came out to my store asap.” .

Leon Andrew - Sunset, LA

Very pleased with their products and services. Followed their advice on our selections for shades in our new home and love the outcome. Definitely would not have looked this good if we had decided to do this on our own!” .

Ryan A - Broussard, LA

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