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Plantation Shutters Lafayette LA and the Surrounding Acadiana Area


     You want Plantation Shutters in Lafayette LA for your new home, or updating your house to a newer and fresher look. However, you want them done correctly and with meticulous care. Our shutters are hand crafted to exact measurements of your window. My Blind Lady has the expertise and the professional knowledge to make the process easy. 

We work with you and provide advice from our experience. Hard to reach locations, difficult color matches, anticipated daily use and operation are our areas of expertise.

Why use My Blind Lady for your shutters? Just take a look at the 10 reasons and benefits we offer that sets us apart. 

EcoSmart Engineered Wood Shutter Material

  A well thought out and one of the best reliable materials used that has a solid MDF core center. High strength and strong density, offered with a Polypropylene coating that protects the shutter from moisture and warping.

It offers the best consistency over a regular wood shutter with more heat and UV resistance than PVC and vinyl. 


Items like Football Helmets and Refrigerators also us Polypropylene for their resiliant hard surface



Engineered Wood Shutter Features


  Many of the features our customers in Lafayette LA benefit from are 

Super easy to clean, and will not stain. Will not crack or fade over the lifetime of the shutter. 

A polypropylene coating produces a strong and reinforced surface that combats cracking or chipping. Polypropylene is found in automobile exteriors and appliances. Which means, it can withstand the day to day functions and remain just as reliable as the day of install.

Slat – Louver Sizes


We offer a variety of louver sizes, from 2”, 3”, 3.5” and 4.5”. A bigger louver size allows for a greater view when open. 


Panel Configurations


There are a number of panel configurations to consider. Panels can open left or right, or you could have a bifold. Contemplate furniture placement that could impede opening when deciding which way your panels will open. 


Plantation Shutters Lafayette LA Pictures


Here are a number of plantation shutter pictures to look at. Inspiration at a glance.


Shutter Limited Lifetime Warranty


Our shutters have a limited lifetime warranty against warping, fading, cracking, & discoloring. One call to My Blind Lady and we take care of the issue. The biggest warranty in the industry, we guarantee your satisfaction.


Plantation Shutters Installation


My Blind Lady takes care of the installation. We can even remove existing treatments, as in the case of replacing blinds with shutters. If you have existing treatments that require removal, we can handle that also.

Our courteous, friendly, and professional staff works with the greatest respect to your home. 


Specialty Shapes – Arches, Eyebrows and Other Strange Shapes

Odd and non conventional shapes are NO Problem for us. Let us know what weird and interesting shape you have for a window. 

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Top 4 ways to use Top-Down bottom-up Blinds Tue, 14 Apr 2020 00:06:31 +0000 The post Top 4 ways to use Top-Down bottom-up Blinds appeared first on Window Blinds & Plantation Shutters Lafayette LA.


Why and when would I ever need top down bottom up blinds? If you are asking these questions you are at the right place. 

We get asked a lot about this type of shade and many of our customers don’t quite understand them.

How do top down bottom up blinds work?

Top-down bottom-up blinds allow you to have several functions in one shade. The top portion can pull down, while the bottom can pull up. This is significantly different from other window treatments as many will only allow you to pull the bottom up.

Allow for sunlight while still maintaining privacy

Top-down bottom-up Venetian blinds, cellular, and roman shades allow for sunlight to come into the room and keep it private at the same time.

Not only can light come through the shade or blind as a typical bottom-up covering, pulling the top down allows for more. However, privacy is still kept by not keeping these top and bottom rails at a desired height. Bathrooms can benefit greatly with these features.

2nd Story or above of Home or office

If you own a 2 story house and your neighbor is a one-story, Top-down bottom-up Blinds are ideal. 

Lowering from the top down, will give you the light needed and keeping the bottom down maintains the privacy. 

How do blinds open top and bottom?

2 Functions in 1 shade

Lower from the top and/ or raise from the bottom. More functionality to satisfy many situations. 

Skylight Coverage

Covering a skylight can be a difficult challenge. When using top-down bottom up blinds, versatility is at your advantage. Perfect in every way by adding extra insulation or blocking glaring sunlight. Track systems as used in cellular shades keep the treatment in a controlled movement and eliminate sagging..


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Window Blinds vs. Shutters : Easy Choice if you know this Wed, 08 Apr 2020 17:58:30 +0000 The post Window Blinds vs. Shutters : Easy Choice if you know this appeared first on Window Blinds & Plantation Shutters Lafayette LA.



 Deciding to choose window blinds or shutters can paralyze even the most confident person.

We hope to provide you with some important ideas to make it an easy selection.

Picking the correct Window Covering

For the most part, both blinds and shutters perform the same purposes. They both provide privacy and control how much light enters the room.

When it comes to choosing between window blinds and shutters, what will make the best treatment for you?

So, This is entirely up to you and based on a couple of factors. Those are cost, location/room, and your preferences.

Window Blinds

Blinds are a very adaptable treatment that has many advantages. Not only are they affordable, their look is acceptable to most any style. Lifting the treatment from the bottom rail (lower end) can increase natural light. Likewise, lowering will increase privacy.

A faux or composite material is highly resistant to moisture and heat. Making for an excellent choice for bathrooms and kitchen areas.

Dress them up by adding fabric side panels to create a luxurious feel with a smaller budget.

Real Wood Blinds

Adding real wood significantly affects the natural feel and mood of any room. It is the best choice if you want the best of both worlds,…..a blind with the elegance of real wood. But, pricing can be very near to a plantation shutter or almost the same in some instances.




From the beginning of window treatment time, plantation shutters ruled the home. The elegant and stylish functionality captured the hearts of everyone. Their popularity remains today through all the innovations of window treatments.

The same as blinds, they are available in composite wood materials or real wood. Matching with trim colors is easy to do with the faux or composite shutter choice. Elegant, refined, and complimentary to most room designs – shutters are a great option!

Still undecided?

Window Blinds Near Me

Contact My Blind Lady Lafayette, LA. today for a complimentary in-home consultation. We can discuss the perfect window blinds for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bathroom. Showing you samples of the different colors and options available with each.

Need to have them motorized for push-button functionality, or automated to open or close at certain times of the day?

No problem, we can provide an automated treatment for hard to reach areas or just taking daily tasks off your “to-do” list.

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2 Inch Faux Wood Blinds Fri, 27 Dec 2019 21:45:52 +0000 The post 2 Inch Faux Wood Blinds appeared first on Window Blinds & Plantation Shutters Lafayette LA.



2 Inch Faux Wood Blinds are a very common, simplistic, but clean window treatment to use. They are cost effective and hold up well under strenuous use. They are great in working with many different styles and colors in rooms.


What is a Faux Wood Blind?


Faux Wood Blinds are louvered window coverings that have horizontal louvers, made of either PVC or Composite Wood. They are used for light and privacy control in windows.

Operation of the blind can be manual with a wand that you turn to open and close the louvers or motorized.


Other blinds can be made of real wood, usually more costly and offered in stains. Providing a rich and authentic look are some of their benefits.


Our window blinds make an excellent choice and amazing look. They can be installed on the inside or outside area of the window. We take care of the installation, while you enjoy the benefits. Performance along with flawless every day operation 


  • Excellent light blockage
  • Beautiful style 
  • No Route Holes stop pin sized light leakage
  • Sleek and Modern Design
  • Cordless Option for Safety


What are Standard Blinds Sizes?


2 Inch is the most common size you will find. Other sizes include a 2.5” and a 1.5”. Widths and Heights are sized according to the window, so they can be any size down to the ⅛ inch. 


If you want a bigger view through the window, choose the bigger louver size. The larger size can cover the window space with less louvers. Therefore less horizontal lines you will provide a greater view through the window.


How Much should Faux Wood Blinds Cost?


Pricing for 2 Inch Faux Wood Blinds are very affordable. Much of the cost will depend on the size of the window coverings you need. 


When we come to your home for a consultation, we will measure and discuss all your options. Our expert will also assist with the location of your wand, while coordinating colors and textures.We also carry a very cost conscious blind that performs like a premium window covering at a fraction of the price. It only comes in white, therefore other color options are not available.


2 Inch Faux Wood Blinds With a Cord


Corded blinds are still available upon request. With all the concern about safety, we offer a cordless option. The wand opens and closes the horizontal louvers on a cordless blind. Raising and lowering this blind is done by grabbing the bottom rail and manually moving the blind.


However, if the location or height of the window is best suited to have a cord to operate it, we can provide a cord. The cord operates the up and down function of the window treatment. Also equipped with a wand for opening the louvers.


How to care and clean window blinds


It is very simple to clean your blinds. A duster or a soft cloth will handle most all of the dust that collects on them. For the hard to reach locations you may use a compressed air duster from a can.


If you need help with choosing your next blinds, give us a call to set up an appointment today.


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Buyers Guide for Affordable Blinds and Shades Tue, 10 Dec 2019 14:51:38 +0000 The post Buyers Guide for Affordable Blinds and Shades appeared first on Window Blinds & Plantation Shutters Lafayette LA.



You really don’t have to spend a fortune or take out a second mortgage to get stylish, affordable blinds and shades.


After buying a new home or remodeling an older one, you may find yourself depleting your funds. From expensive furniture, gutters, fencing and putting in that new alarm system, these items start to add up. Now you find yourself looking out of bare windows, like you’re living in a fishbowl.  The neighbors can see straight through and the sun is beaming in. You soon realize just how important having window treatments is. Being that you are at the end of your budget, that’s where affordable blinds and shades can save the day.

Are blinds expensive?

Actually, blinds can be the most cost effective treatment available. They are a good entry level treatment for those homeowners who are first time buyers. Blinds are affordable and they get the job done. A faux wood blind or shade can give your house a nice cozy feeling and the light and privacy control that you need.  


What is the cost of blinds per window?

There are several factors that affect blind pricing. First it will depend on the size and type of blind. Blinds come in a variety of materials and they also have several custom additions that could potentially drive costs up. Some of the custom options available are  motorization, decorative cloth tape and larger crown valances. Due to these factors it’s hard to say what an average cost would be, but affordable blinds and shades do exist! 


How much do plantation shutters cost for a bay window?

The costs for shutters on bay windows will depend on the size and style of the window. In addition to the normal pricing for the shutter a surcharge may be added for bay corner posts, which are sometimes needed for these applications.  A professional window treatment company can determine whether or not your bay window will require these special corner posts. Potentially saving you a little money if they can be installed without. 


Are shutters better than blinds?

Overall I would have to say yes. Shutters have many unique characteristics unlike blinds. They can go with just about any decor style, they have an extensive color selection and they come in a variety of materials. Shutters have much larger louvers than a traditional blind, therefore you get a better view to the outside. They can be ordered with or without a tilt rod and you can even color coordinate the shutter hardware to match your door hinges in your home. 

Even though shutters are not considered a room darkening treatment, they do a very good job of blocking out the sunlight, which also helps with controlling temperature.  Some shutters have a lifetime warranty and they are the only window treatment that increases the value of your home. Oh, and they are much easier to clean and can be repaired easily. 

The only con to shutters is they are on the more expensive side. There ARE blinds and shades that have a good range of colors which cost about ⅓ of shutter costs. Affordable blinds and shades with all the bells and whistles do exist! You just have to look. We provide a very competitively priced blind which has all the upgrades at no additional costs.   


Lafayette Shades & Blinds

Buying from a local Lafayette Shades & Blinds company is a great way to go.  If you are not the DIY type purchasing your blinds from a local dealer will be better for you in the long run. A custom fit, professional installation and service after the sale are just a few things that make it worth it. 


You can Budget Blinds into a Room’s Decor

   You don’t have to buy cheap faux wood blinds that are not quality. There are many manufacturers that produce a quality window treatment. One of our suppliers, Norman,  provides a top quality blind and they stand behind their product with a great warranty. When planning your window treatments, it’s a good idea to take each room of the house and determine a budget for each area. Our clients will typically budget more for areas that will be used most often for family gatherings. Don’t skim on cheap faux wood blinds that will discolor and become brittle in just a few short years.

It is worth the little extra cost to get something that will have a lifetime warranty for color fastness. 

My Blind Lady has access to several suppliers of affordable blinds and shades that can turn your house into a home and create that warm inviting feeling that you desire. Without sacrificing quality!

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Arched Window Coverings Ideas and Inspiration Fri, 06 Dec 2019 16:28:30 +0000 The post Arched Window Coverings Ideas and Inspiration appeared first on Window Blinds & Plantation Shutters Lafayette LA.



If you find yourself asking, how will i get arched window coverings to go on my strange shaped window you are in the right place. Intimidating and a little strange, it is not well understood by most people as to how it will work.

In this article we will cover everything about those weird and special shaped shades that can function and look great at the same time.


Roman Shades for Arched Windows

A favorite for specialty shapes and arched windows is to use Roman Shades. These are simple, yet elegant as they keep the focus on the uniqueness of the window. 

Roman Shades’ headrail can be built to follow the lines of eyebrows, true arches and other angles very precisely.


Arched window treatments as woven roman shades introduce a nice contrast of material to the decor. 

How do you install window arch blinds

Very similar to installing a rectangle or square window, not much difference. The key is to make sure it is sized correctly to your arch.

We handle all the installs so there is nothing really to worry about. The same way treatments are screwed into the casing on the sides or top, are the same location but inside the arch for special shapes.

 Some window coverings will not work in an arch shape, usually blinds are not built to arches.


How are arched window shades measured

Very carefully. Well, it will depend on if it is an eyebrow, angle top, or a true arch. Another factor is if it will be inside or outside mount. Whereas there are different locations we would measure from. Many times we will trace a template to have the exact line following the shape needed.


All the measuring and sizing is completed by My Blind Lady, we will instruct you of any issues otherwise.


Arch Window Blinds that open and close

Having shades or shutters that open and close provide another feature than a fixed closed blind. Allowing and controlling light has many more benefits. 


Shutters are very a very common use for arched window coverings. If you want to maintain a very simple, yet clean look that does not take away from the windows. Shutters make a nice choice for an operating treatment.


We can handle most arched window coverings that seem difficult, just contact us to set up an appointment.

Thanks for reading our article and continue to stay in touch with us.

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Custom Curtains Complete a Master Bedroom Wed, 13 Nov 2019 16:05:25 +0000 The post Custom Curtains Complete a Master Bedroom appeared first on Window Blinds & Plantation Shutters Lafayette LA.



Custom Drapes Ideas

These custom curtain ideas are easy and simple. Our hopes are that you can use these tips to create a lovely room that inspires everyone who visits your house.

Turning an uninviting room into a place where you go to relax and enjoy a bit of paradise is rewarding. Placing draperies as a focal point can add a unique layer to your decorating efforts.


Why Custom Curtains?

You will have to budge on your exact needs if you decide to go with off the shelf drapery. Although cost effective, location of the rods and conforming to another pleat style may be things you have to give into.

Made to order curtains give you the freedom to express your home’s persona, at the exact placement intended.

Showing off your uniqueness is a fulfilling expression for personal and other reasons. This, along with functioning to block light and create privacy is what they do.

Let’s focus further on the Master Bedroom in this article.


Some Custom Curtain Tips

Follow these tips:

  • Choose Elegance! Keep everything consistent
  • Bedspreads play a major role, work with them
  • Use accent pillows and other accessories to help pull it all together! Here is a great article for accessories by Decorating Den that can help.


How much do drapes cost?


Prices vary upon a number of different things. The quality, thickness, and embellishments of fabric are the main ingredient of high end and higher priced curtains. Of course the size will also add to the price. Throw in any decorative trim and a very nice curtain rod with rings also add to the equation.

Liners also have an effect on pricing, those that are heavier tend to be more costly. Therefore, blackout is more money than just a basic inter lining.

Other things to think about is the material selected for your rods and drapery hardware. Metal and wood prices will vary depending on size and workmanship.

Valances or cornice boards that add an extra layer to the design will also increase the pricing.

Labor is also a part determined in pricing, while rushed or expedited turnaround for the project to be done will inflate cost also.

Remember all of these things, but most importantly what is within your budget to spend for custom curtains and panels.


How to reduce the price of a Custom Curtain


Go with drapery that hangs just above the floor vs. puddling. You will save on material costs by doing this.

Use Panels when you are not looking for working curtains. Panels accent the window, but are not inteded to function by opening and closing. They will still block light that may be coming in from the sides of an inside mounted treatment.

Look for discontinued fabrics, however make sure there is enough material to complete your project.


Why choose us?

We provide the help & expertise needed to bring any imagination into reality : Custom draperies are also installed with great care, as we treat your home like it is ours.

Contact a professional at My Blind Lady today!





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Electric Roller Shades for Lafayette, LA Tue, 15 Oct 2019 21:51:35 +0000 The post Electric Roller Shades for Lafayette, LA appeared first on Window Blinds & Plantation Shutters Lafayette LA.




Motorized Roller Shades simplify life!


Wouldn’t that be remarkable, if with the touch of a button you can watch your window treatment glide up and down, and stop exactly where you’d like?

Just imagine the total benefit and the usefulness of conventional roller Shades, but also with motorization.

Management is carried out both using the remote control, and in the form of a wall switch (optional). The latter is more convenient for large rooms, offices, where you want to manage several roller Shades.

Electric Roller Shades go a step further and can be set to automatically open and close to assist homeowners in saving power.

It’s a big misconception that the wealthy and elite are limited to motorized Shades and curtains. They have become an affordable addition to all for new and old homes.

If on a warm day it’s sunny, the shades can be closed to keep your home cooler and using less air conditioning. They can open on a cold winter day to let the sun shine in and heat up a room, preventing costly heating.


What are Electric roller Shades?


We bring to your attention electric roller shades & curtains.

Roller shades conjure the worst memories, those annoying flapping and fluttering noises with loose material flying off the roller. That is not the case today, technology and advancements in mechanisms have achieved a very fluid control.

We offer a relatively new version of these window treatments, and have already gained considerable popularity with windows of offices, apartments and houses. Electric Roller Shades are motor-driven and designed for many window applications.

Unlike the equally popular standard vertical and horizontal Shades, roller Shades are a one-piece fabric canvas. They are reliable, practical and easy to use, it is not difficult to care for them – this is the attractive factor and that’s why electric roller shades bring delight to our customers.

All of us have long been aware of the advantages of using Shades on windows: protection, comfort, aesthetics, economy, practicality. But progress does not stand still!

Now you can use Electric roller shades!

The motor drives the roller which winds the fabric. The roller is designed in such a way that the movement is carried out in both directions so that they can completely close and open. Because everything is hidden, the beauty and elegance of Electric roller shades is preserved.

Our experts will also advise you on various models offered.


Are Automated Roller Blinds worth it?


It will depend on your intended use and why you need them.

For the most part, everyone can enjoy how effortless motors make life.

The extra cost is what will be your deciding factor.


Why on a Roller Shade?

Simple design, aesthetics, ease of installation and control make roller Shades a popular window treatment.

They protect from bright light, heat, help you set a comfortable level of lighting and are easy to care for.

Electric Roller Shades not only effectively protect against ultraviolet rays, but also form an air cushion between the window and fabric that helps with heat control.

They do not clutter up the functional space, look very stylish, and also demonstrate the social status of the owner.

Moreover, they are easy to operate. These systems can easily be installed in small locations, and in spacious halls, bedrooms and living rooms. The remote control allows you to control both one and all shades at the same time.


The benefits of Electric Roller Shades


Electric Roller Shades have a lot of advantages, among them main advantages should be highlighted, these are:

  • The ability to control light in any part of the room
  • Elegant appearance (all components are hidden)
  • Eco Friendly materials, high quality hardware
  • Reliability and ease of use
  • Powerful yet silent drive
  • Several control options: manual, remote control, Smart Home system


Manufacturers are constantly developing new design solutions that help make full use of light-protective structures in difficult situations.

If you need to treat windows located in unreachable locations or in a place inconvenient for manual control, we suggest choosing Electric roller shades.

By choosing Electric Roller Shades from us, you maximize your product’s functionality and gain a much-desired flexibility that simply cannot be achieved with a manual lift system.


Advantages of Motorization

The advantages of Electric Roller Shades from us include: the atmosphere we generate in our homes and offices contributes considerably to our daily life’s health and well-being.

Electric Roller Shades improve our living and well-being environments by adding convenience, safety, thermal comfort and environmental effectiveness.

Electric roller shades have gained immense popularity and are in demand among buyers all over the Lafayette area, thanks to a combination of aesthetics, the ability to implement a variety of original design solutions and at the same time practicality, functionality.

Today we present the richest assortment of fabrics for our Roller Shades, so you will surely find a suitable option from My Blind Lady in texture, color and light absorption. A big selection of small to large opaque fabrics, allows you to choose how much light control you desire.

From full black out to light filtering, we have it all.

We are an official dealer of leading brands, from start to install we can handle the most complicated project.

For home, office, meeting rooms, classrooms, etc., we provide high quality Electric roller shades & draperies. With years of knowledge and an extremely qualified team, you are getting world-class roller shades with remote control or a timer to control as you like.

Our main customers are architects, builders and homeowners who are looking for custom solutions for their home or office projects. We provide an easy-to-use solution after closely understanding each requirement that can be readily maintained at the lowest possible price.

Motorization eliminates the need for possibly hazardous chords and chains in your home, let’s build a safer atmosphere.


Safe and trustworthy


Ideal for home theaters, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, meeting rooms, dens, churches, conference rooms, hotels, and much more.


Easy to install


Our easy-to-install motorized wireless system does not require electrical connections. The shades operate perfectly with a guaranteed to last built-in battery!

We do offer electrical connected motors where battery operation is not desired.


Enjoy peace and silence


Shhhh….can you hear that?

Our motorization was designed to ensure your home remains quiet and peaceful.  Because our priority is your well-being, our shades open and close discreetly without any annoying noise.


Effective window treatments


We provide a high-precision motor to safeguard and extend the life of your roller shades. They will always be perfectly aligned to create an elegant atmosphere, and smooth effortless operation.

Get in touch with us today, to get your electric roller shades in Lafayette LA!

Reach Us


404A, Flower Street
San Fransisco, CA


+00 125 456 8754


Get In Touch

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Mistakes that (almost) Everyone makes with Shutters in Lafayette LA Wed, 18 Sep 2019 22:30:48 +0000 The post Mistakes that (almost) Everyone makes with Shutters in Lafayette LA appeared first on Window Blinds & Plantation Shutters Lafayette LA.



  Sitting here in my office, I’m writing this article in hopes that you will avoid these common mistakes we see with shutters in Lafayette LA. Some very prevalent and others not noticed by the common eye.

But, if you can avoid these issues, you will have shutters that last a lifetime.

Gaps in Shutters

In the custom window treatment world, there are many times we see where gaps are noticeable between the panel or frame and the window.

Nowadays it is almost impossible to find perfectly square windows. This can make things difficult when measuring but should be compensated for when designing.

Gaps are generally caused either by an incorrect measurement or an improper installation. For measurements, it would be wrong from the beginning and most times there is no remedy.

On installations, we see no caulking around the frame or misaligned panels being the cause.


One of the worst things you can imagine, seeing your beautiful shutters warp and bow. Being that we service clients in Lafayette LA, it is known that humidity can reak havoc on Shutters

Many manufacturers don’t precondition the wood before the ship out process. So when it reaches its final spot, it starts to climatize. By that time it is the wrong time, for wood to condition properly.

We use Norman shutters for that reason, they use a proprietary wood conditioning process. It ensures that the shutter drys to the optimal level for the location it will be in.

Not identifying Obstructions to Panel Openings

Thinking through how a room will be decorated and where furniture will be placed is quite often forgotten.

We discuss with our clients as to how the room or space will be furnished and decorated. It is important to understand what will be placed where and how the room will be used.

If a dresser or hutch is to be located on one side of the window you can have the panels configured to open the other way.

Also, it is important to understand how the window will be opened and cleaned. Some inside mount frame types block an inside tilt window from opening.
In this instance, an outside mounted frame would be more ideal to allow for windows that open to the inside of the home.


If you are looking for Shutters in Lafayette LA, give us a call. We would love to work with you. You can also view our Design Guide right here.

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Should you avoid Motorized Cellular Shades?! Wed, 04 Sep 2019 23:02:33 +0000 The post Should you avoid Motorized Cellular Shades?! appeared first on Window Blinds & Plantation Shutters Lafayette LA.



When should you avoid motorized cellular shades and when would you consider them.

You may know that Cellular Shades provide the best energy efficiency within all of the different window treatments. But we had to ask, when should you avoid motorized cellular shades and when would you consider them.


As a homeowner that knows the importance of investing in quality window treatments, you want to make sure your choice for motorization is fitting for the situation.

The many benefits of Convenience, Technology, and much more can be realized with motorization.

I will cover the details here about cellular shades with motorization to help you decide what to do.


 When would you want to get Motorized Cellular Shades?


Motors can provide wonders and make life very easy when used in the right application.

First off would be window locations that are out of reach. Such as a sky light, transom window, a very tall and or hard to reach window. It makes all the sense then to be able to hit a button to lower and raise your shades.

Who wants to be using a pole every time you need to cut off the sunlight coming through the transom window each and every time?

Another instance to consider motorized cellular shades would be if you have 100 windows in your house.

Well, that may not be the case, but if you have quite a few that it takes a lot of your valuable time to open the shades every morning. You would be a great candidate for motorization.



Who should consider Motorization?


You should consider motorized cellular shades if you are short in stature, where cords cold be out of reach. Or, if the window is blocked by furniture or possible in a stairwell that makes it impossible to get to.

Another great reason to consider them is if you have a lot of windows. Can you imagine opening and closing 20 windows every day?

That would be very time consuming.


The other reason would be to simply save on cost. A manually operated cellular shade will be less expensive.


 Are there any downsides to cellular shades with motors?


Not really, other than the cost being more than a cord or cordless shade. A manually operated cellular shade will be less expensive.

The battery or motor failing is what most people are concerned with. How will we go about replacing it if it goes out?

Well stay tuned, I will cover more herein.


 How are motorized shades powered?


1) Battery

Many battery powered shades can be charged via a power cord or even solar. Depending on the size of the battery and how much it is used, will determine how often you may need to change them.

Lithium-ion batteries tend to last longer and can run up to a year on a single charge.



2) Wired

These are usually into a low voltage output like a 12 or 24Volt DC plugged into 110 Volt AC.


Can you schedule opening and closing times?


Yes, with some motorization there is more technology involved to set time of the day for opening and for closing. This type of feature can really add to the enjoyment of automation.


Thanks for reading our article on Motorized Cellular Shades, we hope this gave you some clarity on if they are the right treatment for you.

Set a time to talk with us for a complimentary consultation.



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