Mistakes that (almost) Everyone makes with Shutters in Lafayette LA

  Sitting here in my office, I’m writing this article in hopes that you will avoid these common mistakes we see with shutters in Lafayette LA. Some very prevalent and others not noticed by the common eye.

But, if you can avoid these issues, you will have shutters that last a lifetime.

Gaps in Shutters

In the custom window treatment world, there are many times we see where gaps are noticeable between the panel or frame and the window.

Nowadays it is almost impossible to find perfectly square windows. This can make things difficult when measuring but should be compensated for when designing.

Gaps are generally caused either by an incorrect measurement or an improper installation. For measurements, it would be wrong from the beginning and most times there is no remedy.

On installations, we see no caulking around the frame or misaligned panels being the cause.


One of the worst things you can imagine, seeing your beautiful shutters warp and bow. Being that we service clients in Lafayette LA, it is known that humidity can reak havoc on Shutters

Many manufacturers don’t precondition the wood before the ship out process. So when it reaches its final spot, it starts to climatize. By that time it is the wrong time, for wood to condition properly.

We use Norman shutters for that reason, they use a proprietary wood conditioning process. It ensures that the shutter drys to the optimal level for the location it will be in.

Not identifying Obstructions to Panel Openings

Thinking through how a room will be decorated and where furniture will be placed is quite often forgotten.

We discuss with our clients as to how the room or space will be furnished and decorated. It is important to understand what will be placed where and how the room will be used.

If a dresser or hutch is to be located on one side of the window you can have the panels configured to open the other way.

Also, it is important to understand how the window will be opened and cleaned. Some inside mount frame types block an inside tilt window from opening.
In this instance, an outside mounted frame would be more ideal to allow for windows that open to the inside of the home.


If you are looking for Shutters in Lafayette LA, give us a call. We would love to work with you. You can also view our Design Guide right here.