Why and when would I ever need top down bottom up blinds? If you are asking these questions you are at the right place. 

We get asked a lot about this type of shade and many of our customers don’t quite understand them.

How do top down bottom up blinds work?

Top-down bottom-up blinds allow you to have several functions in one shade. The top portion can pull down, while the bottom can pull up. This is significantly different from other window treatments as many will only allow you to pull the bottom up.

Allow for sunlight while still maintaining privacy

Top-down bottom-up Venetian blinds, cellular, and roman shades allow for sunlight to come into the room and keep it private at the same time.

Not only can light come through the shade or blind as a typical bottom-up covering, pulling the top down allows for more. However, privacy is still kept by not keeping these top and bottom rails at a desired height. Bathrooms can benefit greatly with these features.

2nd Story or above of Home or office

If you own a 2 story house and your neighbor is a one-story, Top-down bottom-up Blinds are ideal. 

Lowering from the top down, will give you the light needed and keeping the bottom down maintains the privacy. 

How do blinds open top and bottom?

2 Functions in 1 shade

Lower from the top and/ or raise from the bottom. More functionality to satisfy many situations. 

Skylight Coverage

Covering a skylight can be a difficult challenge. When using top-down bottom up blinds, versatility is at your advantage. Perfect in every way by adding extra insulation or blocking glaring sunlight. Track systems as used in cellular shades keep the treatment in a controlled movement and eliminate sagging..