11 Excellent Tips for Buying Blinds in Lafayette LA

So you are considering buying blinds in Lafayette LA and want to make sure that you cover all your bases!

Some people may miss the details or may not have the slightest as what to look for when shopping for blinds in Lafayette LA.

The short version of my article is there are many factors when trying to decide about getting blinds for your windows. It will boil down to these 11 topics I will discuss in this article. Each one is important, but in all you should not skimp on quality.


My wish is for all your answers to be covered here so that you feel good about making the best decision.


1) Timeframe to get Blinds


Most custom blinds can be ready and installed in about 2-3 weeks. Because each blind is made to your specific window dimensions lead times may vary.

Do you need a quick turnaround time? Important function, party, or get- together happening at your house and you want to show it off? Let us handle the task so that we may get you the fastest turn around time as possible.

Choosing to buy from a company who handles ordering, receiving and installation of your blinds in Lafayette LA is the way to go!


2) Warping Blinds

Seeing blinds warp after only a year or two can be very discouraging.

What causes them to warp and what can you be aware of to avoid this?

High heat and high humidity are usually the cause of blinds warping. This is seen in materials such as cheap PVC and Vinyl.


To avoid buying blinds that will potentially warp you should check if they have been tested for heat deflection and find out what that number is. Our faux wood blinds have a heat deflection of up to 140 degrees, which is 20 degrees higher than most blinds you will find. We recommend not buying a blind with a heat deflection of lower than 120 degrees.


The easiest way to avoid warping or bending louver is to stay away from cheap PVC and Vinyl materials.


With wood blinds, you will notice warping in louvers that are not quarter sawn. Quarter sawn wood is generally found in high end cabinetry work.

The only downside to quarter sawn wood is that it is harder to produce and more costly, however the advantages of a long lasting blind highly outweighs the additional cost.

Below is a really good article that shows the different types of cuts.



3) Color Fading 



When looking for blinds in Lafayette LA , it makes good sense to look into UV Rating.

Yellowing of a blind prematurely may mean the coating is inferior to others on the market.  As with warping some blinds may turn yellow only after a year or two being subdued to the harsh sunlight. 

Some manufactures use QUV machines to test and rate a materials ability to hold its color.  QUV machines have fluorescent lamps that simulate short wave UV and can reproduce the damage caused by sunlight. The test is measured in hours. 

I’m no expert on QUV machines and its ratings for products to hold up under time with UV Exposure. However, we all know the effects of what the sun can do. 

To be safe we use a blind that has a 2000 hour rating, longest on the market.  


4) Custom Options Available for Blinds in Lafayette LA

Want your blinds to stand out from the rest? Add that little extra pizzazz to make them custom.  There are a number of options to help spice them up.


A few things to make your blinds different

1) Add a unique Valance or cornice (modern, designer)

2) Routless option to eliminate that pesky light that comes through the traditional routed slats

3) Decorative tape makes a bold statement to any blind

4) Custom paint.  Any color your heart desires!


5) Blind Materials


The most popular blind in Lafayette LA is the Faux or Engineered Wood.  It is the most cost effective blind and it comes with a great warranty.

Real Wood, aluminum and Fabric are other options for blinds.


 6) Safety


There was a heightened attention to blind safety at the end of 2018 concerning the number of deaths related to corded window treatments.  In particular blinds with cords.

Strangulation being at the top of these incidents, and most of them with infants.

The Window Cover Manufacturers Association (WCMA) along with the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) created a set of standards to address the issue.


That is when they came up with this ominous looking safety warning label.

Crazy looking right?


Basically, they dissected every window treatment with external cords and pushed vendors to make cordless alternatives. 

Here is a link to the document if you want to read it…. https://www.wcmanet.org/pdf/WCMA-A100.1-2018_view-only_v2.pdf



How to Address SAFETY



* Go Cordless

If the window is easily accessible and you are able reach the bottom rail when in the raised position, consider going with a cordless blind. It also makes for a cleaner look as you don’t have all those crazy cords everywhere.

* Break Away Cord Systems

You will also find blinds in Lafayette LA that have a break away cord system. The tassel which houses the pull cords will simply separate when pressure is applied.  


7) How are they installed?


There are only 2 different methods that blinds can be installed, an inside mount or an outside mount. The determining factors are the window frame, molding, crank handles, or any other item around the window.

Inside mount is the most common for windows. Likewise all doors are going to be an outside mount.





The differnet mounting options you can do are an inside or outside mount as shown below.


8) Can Blinds be put on Doors?




However we would recommend hold downs at the bottom to keep the blind from banging against the door when opening and closing.




9) Light Control and Privacy


Blinds offer great light control and excellent privacy. For inside mount you will have a slight gap from the edge of the blind to the window casing.

In the closed position it is nearly impossible for someone to see into the house.



10) Color Options


Today there are many different colors to choose from. From basic plain white all the way to exotic stained, painted, and even exact color match to whatever paint color you want.


You can achieve a contrasting affect with stained real wood blinds in rooms with light colors. Off Whites and Pearl colors are great for hiding finger prints and dust.


Coordinating the color to work the trim of your window looks really nice also.



11) Cost of Blinds


The price of blinds will vary depending on a number of factors. There are eco-friendly solutions that are like an off the shelf product. Most times in a white color.

Adding options like motorization or several blinds on one headrail will raise the cost above basic costs.  Cut outs to allow for the blind to go around any obstacle will also add a few dollars more.


Consider what your budget will allow to get the best blinds in Lafayette la you can find.

You can see more about My Blind Lady here, and call us to discuss blinds for your house.

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