Arched Window Coverings Ideas and Inspiration

If you find yourself asking, how will i get arched window coverings to go on my strange shaped window you are in the right place. Intimidating and a little strange, it is not well understood by most people as to how it will work.

In this article we will cover everything about those weird and special shaped shades that can function and look great at the same time.


Roman Shades for Arched Windows

A favorite for specialty shapes and arched windows is to use Roman Shades. These are simple, yet elegant as they keep the focus on the uniqueness of the window. 

Roman Shades’ headrail can be built to follow the lines of eyebrows, true arches and other angles very precisely.


Arched window treatments as woven roman shades introduce a nice contrast of material to the decor. 

How do you install window arch blinds

Very similar to installing a rectangle or square window, not much difference. The key is to make sure it is sized correctly to your arch.

We handle all the installs so there is nothing really to worry about. The same way treatments are screwed into the casing on the sides or top, are the same location but inside the arch for special shapes.

 Some window coverings will not work in an arch shape, usually blinds are not built to arches.


How are arched window shades measured

Very carefully. Well, it will depend on if it is an eyebrow, angle top, or a true arch. Another factor is if it will be inside or outside mount. Whereas there are different locations we would measure from. Many times we will trace a template to have the exact line following the shape needed.


All the measuring and sizing is completed by My Blind Lady, we will instruct you of any issues otherwise.


Arch Window Blinds that open and close

Having shades or shutters that open and close provide another feature than a fixed closed blind. Allowing and controlling light has many more benefits. 


Shutters are very a very common use for arched window coverings. If you want to maintain a very simple, yet clean look that does not take away from the windows. Shutters make a nice choice for an operating treatment.


We can handle most arched window coverings that seem difficult, just contact us to set up an appointment.

Thanks for reading our article and continue to stay in touch with us.