Buyers Guide for Affordable Blinds and Shades

You really don’t have to spend a fortune or take out a second mortgage to get stylish, affordable blinds and shades.


After buying a new home or remodeling an older one, you may find yourself depleting your funds. From expensive furniture, gutters, fencing and putting in that new alarm system, these items start to add up. Now you find yourself looking out of bare windows, like you’re living in a fishbowl.  The neighbors can see straight through and the sun is beaming in. You soon realize just how important having window treatments is. Being that you are at the end of your budget, that’s where affordable blinds and shades can save the day.

Are blinds expensive?

Actually, blinds can be the most cost effective treatment available. They are a good entry level treatment for those homeowners who are first time buyers. Blinds are affordable and they get the job done. A faux wood blind or shade can give your house a nice cozy feeling and the light and privacy control that you need.  


What is the cost of blinds per window?

There are several factors that affect blind pricing. First it will depend on the size and type of blind. Blinds come in a variety of materials and they also have several custom additions that could potentially drive costs up. Some of the custom options available are  motorization, decorative cloth tape and larger crown valances. Due to these factors it’s hard to say what an average cost would be, but affordable blinds and shades do exist! 


How much do plantation shutters cost for a bay window?

The costs for shutters on bay windows will depend on the size and style of the window. In addition to the normal pricing for the shutter a surcharge may be added for bay corner posts, which are sometimes needed for these applications.  A professional window treatment company can determine whether or not your bay window will require these special corner posts. Potentially saving you a little money if they can be installed without. 


Are shutters better than blinds?

Overall I would have to say yes. Shutters have many unique characteristics unlike blinds. They can go with just about any decor style, they have an extensive color selection and they come in a variety of materials. Shutters have much larger louvers than a traditional blind, therefore you get a better view to the outside. They can be ordered with or without a tilt rod and you can even color coordinate the shutter hardware to match your door hinges in your home. 

Even though shutters are not considered a room darkening treatment, they do a very good job of blocking out the sunlight, which also helps with controlling temperature.  Some shutters have a lifetime warranty and they are the only window treatment that increases the value of your home. Oh, and they are much easier to clean and can be repaired easily. 

The only con to shutters is they are on the more expensive side. There ARE blinds and shades that have a good range of colors which cost about ⅓ of shutter costs. Affordable blinds and shades with all the bells and whistles do exist! You just have to look. We provide a very competitively priced blind which has all the upgrades at no additional costs.   


Lafayette Shades & Blinds

Buying from a local Lafayette Shades & Blinds company is a great way to go.  If you are not the DIY type purchasing your blinds from a local dealer will be better for you in the long run. A custom fit, professional installation and service after the sale are just a few things that make it worth it. 


You can Budget Blinds into a Room’s Decor

   You don’t have to buy cheap faux wood blinds that are not quality. There are many manufacturers that produce a quality window treatment. One of our suppliers, Norman,  provides a top quality blind and they stand behind their product with a great warranty. When planning your window treatments, it’s a good idea to take each room of the house and determine a budget for each area. Our clients will typically budget more for areas that will be used most often for family gatherings. Don’t skim on cheap faux wood blinds that will discolor and become brittle in just a few short years.

It is worth the little extra cost to get something that will have a lifetime warranty for color fastness. 

My Blind Lady has access to several suppliers of affordable blinds and shades that can turn your house into a home and create that warm inviting feeling that you desire. Without sacrificing quality!