Custom Curtains Complete a Master Bedroom

Custom Drapes Ideas

These custom curtain ideas are easy and simple. Our hopes are that you can use these tips to create a lovely room that inspires everyone who visits your house.

Turning an uninviting room into a place where you go to relax and enjoy a bit of paradise is rewarding. Placing draperies as a focal point can add a unique layer to your decorating efforts.


Why Custom Curtains?

You will have to budge on your exact needs if you decide to go with off the shelf drapery. Although cost effective, location of the rods and conforming to another pleat style may be things you have to give into.

Made to order curtains give you the freedom to express your home’s persona, at the exact placement intended.

Showing off your uniqueness is a fulfilling expression for personal and other reasons. This, along with functioning to block light and create privacy is what they do.

Let’s focus further on the Master Bedroom in this article.


Some Custom Curtain Tips

Follow these tips:

  • Choose Elegance! Keep everything consistent
  • Bedspreads play a major role, work with them
  • Use accent pillows and other accessories to help pull it all together! Here is a great article for accessories by Decorating Den that can help.


How much do drapes cost?


Prices vary upon a number of different things. The quality, thickness, and embellishments of fabric are the main ingredient of high end and higher priced curtains. Of course the size will also add to the price. Throw in any decorative trim and a very nice curtain rod with rings also add to the equation.

Liners also have an effect on pricing, those that are heavier tend to be more costly. Therefore, blackout is more money than just a basic inter lining.

Other things to think about is the material selected for your rods and drapery hardware. Metal and wood prices will vary depending on size and workmanship.

Valances or cornice boards that add an extra layer to the design will also increase the pricing.

Labor is also a part determined in pricing, while rushed or expedited turnaround for the project to be done will inflate cost also.

Remember all of these things, but most importantly what is within your budget to spend for custom curtains and panels.


How to reduce the price of a Custom Curtain


Go with drapery that hangs just above the floor vs. puddling. You will save on material costs by doing this.

Use Panels when you are not looking for working curtains. Panels accent the window, but are not inteded to function by opening and closing. They will still block light that may be coming in from the sides of an inside mounted treatment.

Look for discontinued fabrics, however make sure there is enough material to complete your project.


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