Electric Roller Shades for Lafayette, LA


Motorized Roller Shades simplify life!


Wouldn’t that be remarkable, if with the touch of a button you can watch your window treatment glide up and down, and stop exactly where you’d like?

Just imagine the total benefit and the usefulness of conventional roller Shades, but also with motorization.

Management is carried out both using the remote control, and in the form of a wall switch (optional). The latter is more convenient for large rooms, offices, where you want to manage several roller Shades.

Electric Roller Shades go a step further and can be set to automatically open and close to assist homeowners in saving power.

It’s a big misconception that the wealthy and elite are limited to motorized Shades and curtains. They have become an affordable addition to all for new and old homes.

If on a warm day it’s sunny, the shades can be closed to keep your home cooler and using less air conditioning. They can open on a cold winter day to let the sun shine in and heat up a room, preventing costly heating.


What are Electric roller Shades?


We bring to your attention electric roller shades & curtains.

Roller shades conjure the worst memories, those annoying flapping and fluttering noises with loose material flying off the roller. That is not the case today, technology and advancements in mechanisms have achieved a very fluid control.

We offer a relatively new version of these window treatments, and have already gained considerable popularity with windows of offices, apartments and houses. Electric Roller Shades are motor-driven and designed for many window applications.

Unlike the equally popular standard vertical and horizontal Shades, roller Shades are a one-piece fabric canvas. They are reliable, practical and easy to use, it is not difficult to care for them – this is the attractive factor and that’s why electric roller shades bring delight to our customers.

All of us have long been aware of the advantages of using Shades on windows: protection, comfort, aesthetics, economy, practicality. But progress does not stand still!

Now you can use Electric roller shades!

The motor drives the roller which winds the fabric. The roller is designed in such a way that the movement is carried out in both directions so that they can completely close and open. Because everything is hidden, the beauty and elegance of Electric roller shades is preserved.

Our experts will also advise you on various models offered.


Are Automated Roller Blinds worth it?


It will depend on your intended use and why you need them.

For the most part, everyone can enjoy how effortless motors make life.

The extra cost is what will be your deciding factor.


Why on a Roller Shade?

Simple design, aesthetics, ease of installation and control make roller Shades a popular window treatment.

They protect from bright light, heat, help you set a comfortable level of lighting and are easy to care for.

Electric Roller Shades not only effectively protect against ultraviolet rays, but also form an air cushion between the window and fabric that helps with heat control.

They do not clutter up the functional space, look very stylish, and also demonstrate the social status of the owner.

Moreover, they are easy to operate. These systems can easily be installed in small locations, and in spacious halls, bedrooms and living rooms. The remote control allows you to control both one and all shades at the same time.


The benefits of Electric Roller Shades


Electric Roller Shades have a lot of advantages, among them main advantages should be highlighted, these are:

  • The ability to control light in any part of the room
  • Elegant appearance (all components are hidden)
  • Eco Friendly materials, high quality hardware
  • Reliability and ease of use
  • Powerful yet silent drive
  • Several control options: manual, remote control, Smart Home system


Manufacturers are constantly developing new design solutions that help make full use of light-protective structures in difficult situations.

If you need to treat windows located in unreachable locations or in a place inconvenient for manual control, we suggest choosing Electric roller shades.

By choosing Electric Roller Shades from us, you maximize your product’s functionality and gain a much-desired flexibility that simply cannot be achieved with a manual lift system.


Advantages of Motorization

The advantages of Electric Roller Shades from us include: the atmosphere we generate in our homes and offices contributes considerably to our daily life’s health and well-being.

Electric Roller Shades improve our living and well-being environments by adding convenience, safety, thermal comfort and environmental effectiveness.

Electric roller shades have gained immense popularity and are in demand among buyers all over the Lafayette area, thanks to a combination of aesthetics, the ability to implement a variety of original design solutions and at the same time practicality, functionality.

Today we present the richest assortment of fabrics for our Roller Shades, so you will surely find a suitable option from My Blind Lady in texture, color and light absorption. A big selection of small to large opaque fabrics, allows you to choose how much light control you desire.

From full black out to light filtering, we have it all.

We are an official dealer of leading brands, from start to install we can handle the most complicated project.

For home, office, meeting rooms, classrooms, etc., we provide high quality Electric roller shades & draperies. With years of knowledge and an extremely qualified team, you are getting world-class roller shades with remote control or a timer to control as you like.

Our main customers are architects, builders and homeowners who are looking for custom solutions for their home or office projects. We provide an easy-to-use solution after closely understanding each requirement that can be readily maintained at the lowest possible price.

Motorization eliminates the need for possibly hazardous chords and chains in your home, let’s build a safer atmosphere.


Safe and trustworthy


Ideal for home theaters, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, meeting rooms, dens, churches, conference rooms, hotels, and much more.


Easy to install


Our easy-to-install motorized wireless system does not require electrical connections. The shades operate perfectly with a guaranteed to last built-in battery!

We do offer electrical connected motors where battery operation is not desired.


Enjoy peace and silence


Shhhh….can you hear that?

Our motorization was designed to ensure your home remains quiet and peaceful.  Because our priority is your well-being, our shades open and close discreetly without any annoying noise.


Effective window treatments


We provide a high-precision motor to safeguard and extend the life of your roller shades. They will always be perfectly aligned to create an elegant atmosphere, and smooth effortless operation.

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