Should you avoid Motorized Cellular Shades?!

When should you avoid motorized cellular shades and when would you consider them.

You may know that Cellular Shades provide the best energy efficiency within all of the different window treatments. But we had to ask, when should you avoid motorized cellular shades and when would you consider them.


As a homeowner that knows the importance of investing in quality window treatments, you want to make sure your choice for motorization is fitting for the situation.

The many benefits of Convenience, Technology, and much more can be realized with motorization.

I will cover the details here about cellular shades with motorization to help you decide what to do.


 When would you want to get Motorized Cellular Shades?


Motors can provide wonders and make life very easy when used in the right application.

First off would be window locations that are out of reach. Such as a sky light, transom window, a very tall and or hard to reach window. It makes all the sense then to be able to hit a button to lower and raise your shades.

Who wants to be using a pole every time you need to cut off the sunlight coming through the transom window each and every time?

Another instance to consider motorized cellular shades would be if you have 100 windows in your house.

Well, that may not be the case, but if you have quite a few that it takes a lot of your valuable time to open the shades every morning. You would be a great candidate for motorization.



Who should consider Motorization?


You should consider motorized cellular shades if you are short in stature, where cords cold be out of reach. Or, if the window is blocked by furniture or possible in a stairwell that makes it impossible to get to.

Another great reason to consider them is if you have a lot of windows. Can you imagine opening and closing 20 windows every day?

That would be very time consuming.


The other reason would be to simply save on cost. A manually operated cellular shade will be less expensive.


 Are there any downsides to cellular shades with motors?


Not really, other than the cost being more than a cord or cordless shade. A manually operated cellular shade will be less expensive.

The battery or motor failing is what most people are concerned with. How will we go about replacing it if it goes out?

Well stay tuned, I will cover more herein.


 How are motorized shades powered?


1) Battery

Many battery powered shades can be charged via a power cord or even solar. Depending on the size of the battery and how much it is used, will determine how often you may need to change them.

Lithium-ion batteries tend to last longer and can run up to a year on a single charge.



2) Wired

These are usually into a low voltage output like a 12 or 24Volt DC plugged into 110 Volt AC.


Can you schedule opening and closing times?


Yes, with some motorization there is more technology involved to set time of the day for opening and for closing. This type of feature can really add to the enjoyment of automation.


Thanks for reading our article on Motorized Cellular Shades, we hope this gave you some clarity on if they are the right treatment for you.

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