What Your Neighbor Sees through your Woven Window Shades

A concern almost everyone faces is if a Woven Window Shade provides the privacy needed.

We all want our home to be a safe place, but at the same time look nice. Some concerns with Woven Window Shades is about if someone can see in from the outside. Do woven wood shades provide privacy? How well can the neighbors or people passing by see in? Liners, weave tightness, and time of day can greatly affect how well we control what is seen from the sidewalk looking in. We will address this in length here, so you know exactly what to expect from a Woven Shade.



          What are Woven Shades?


Woven Shades are a beautiful window treatments that use natural and synthetic materials. They look really nice when used with other treatments in creating a desired style.


Some of the natural materials used to make them is grass, bamboo, wood, and jutes.


Their ability to work well within most all styles makes them a great choice. They provide a very natural feel and great ambience within most all rooms.


  What is a Light Filtering or Privacy Liner?


A light filtering or sometimes referred to as Privacy Liner, is a protective covering that helps to block some of the light from entering the room.


Filtering is just that, you will still get some nice natural light coming through. While at the same time offering some privacy will greatly help to give peace of mind.





What is a Black Out Liner?


Black Out Liners do just that. They black out all light from entering into the room.


Bedrooms where you may not want to be woken from sunlight would be a good reason to consider them on woven window shades.


People who work night shifts or may take an occasional nap during the day would greatly benefit.



 How are Liners Beneficial?


Not only do they help in blocking some light or all the light as described above, liners play other roles in woven window shades.


* protect the materials from UV deterioration

* provide better longevity for the shade

* have some properties for water repellent

* Privacy

* protects against fading



Are Woven Shades in Style?


I would respond with a resounding yes!


Wovens are in style and don’t seem to be going anywhere soon.


In rooms where another treatment has been used repeatedly, like with shutters or blinds, an occasional woven shade will give an extra something. Or a room that is very modern with materials that could make the room a cold feel, therefore a nice woven shade will soften the feeling


Consider edge bandings if the material you are looking at is susceptible to fraying. This will keep the shade intact longer.



Deciding on a Liner or NO Liner


Above all, a good rule of the thumb is if you choose a woven window shade with no liner, your view through during looking out will be reversed at night. In other words how well you can see the person standing at your front door during the day, they will see the same looking in at night



Example of a Tighter Weave Woven (right side)

For privacy we would recommend a liner, whether it be light filtering or black out.

If you are in between choosing a liner, there are some options that allow for a liner that operates separately from the shade.

This will give you the best of both worlds, similarly it comes at a more expensive price.

Liners can come in several color options, check them from the inside if they change the material chosen.

Also check the color from the outside of the house. Choosing a liner that works well from the inside and the outside is very beneficial.


Thanks for reading My Blind Lady’s article on Woven Window Shades, we hope you enjoyed it and it gave you some great ideas.