Window Blinds vs. Shutters : Easy Choice if you know this

 Deciding to choose window blinds or shutters can paralyze even the most confident person.

We hope to provide you with some important ideas to make it an easy selection.

Picking the correct Window Covering

For the most part, both blinds and shutters perform the same purposes. They both provide privacy and control how much light enters the room.

When it comes to choosing between window blinds and shutters, what will make the best treatment for you?

So, This is entirely up to you and based on a couple of factors. Those are cost, location/room, and your preferences.

Window Blinds

Blinds are a very adaptable treatment that has many advantages. Not only are they affordable, their look is acceptable to most any style. Lifting the treatment from the bottom rail (lower end) can increase natural light. Likewise, lowering will increase privacy.

A faux or composite material is highly resistant to moisture and heat. Making for an excellent choice for bathrooms and kitchen areas.

Dress them up by adding fabric side panels to create a luxurious feel with a smaller budget.

Real Wood Blinds

Adding real wood significantly affects the natural feel and mood of any room. It is the best choice if you want the best of both worlds,…..a blind with the elegance of real wood. But, pricing can be very near to a plantation shutter or almost the same in some instances.




From the beginning of window treatment time, plantation shutters ruled the home. The elegant and stylish functionality captured the hearts of everyone. Their popularity remains today through all the innovations of window treatments.

The same as blinds, they are available in composite wood materials or real wood. Matching with trim colors is easy to do with the faux or composite shutter choice. Elegant, refined, and complimentary to most room designs – shutters are a great option!

Still undecided?

Window Blinds Near Me

Contact My Blind Lady Lafayette, LA. today for a complimentary in-home consultation. We can discuss the perfect window blinds for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bathroom. Showing you samples of the different colors and options available with each.

Need to have them motorized for push-button functionality, or automated to open or close at certain times of the day?

No problem, we can provide an automated treatment for hard to reach areas or just taking daily tasks off your “to-do” list.