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Luxury Custom Window  Treatments for the most refined taste

Extremely comfortable living , the very meaning of “luxury” is an enjoyment for those who strive to live their best. The reward for many people is to have stylish and one of a kind window coverings that scream…”Check Me Out”!

In any style home, a properly treated window is a must for setting the mood while addressing functionality of privacy, and or sunlight.

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Luxury Window Blinds and Shades

There are many options that can be added to refine blinds. Cloth tapes as well as having a stain color will embellish the window with style. Consider faux wood blinds as a bottom layer treatment then use fabric for an added touch

Shades also have many options such as fabric cornices, and printed designs to make a statement.

luxury blinds and shades

Modern Luxury Window Treatments – Specialty Shades

Exquisite Window Coverings are all the rage with proper decorating.

A uniqueness with transitional sheer vanes creates a space suitable for any King or Queen. In addition, privacy and light control are provided to give great functionality.

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Layering with Luxury Curtains

How can we take this to another level?

Layering with Custom Curtains and Drapes or Sheers is the Creme de la Creme. A classic style with soft sheers added along textured fabrics is an amazing look for luxury window treatments.

Choices in fabric weight, feel, and texture set the mood to a comfortable room or suite.

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