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Have you ever had blinds that were either too long, or the gaps to the edge of the casing were too big? Or maybe the colors just didn’t work out like expected? 


Best Custom Blinds in Lafayette, LA


Why do we feel our blinds are superior to other brands?


1) Durability

       Unlike softer materials that are prone to deterioration, custom blinds are incredibly tough and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Manufactured in a way that allows it to last generations, and its only real threats are scratches and breaking if handled roughly, although the sturdy polymer material is a protection.


 2) Low maintenance

Many other materials require regular and sometimes complicated and expensive upkeep. For example, some types of wood need to be polished with very specific, pricey polishes. By contrast, faux wood rarely needs any care beyond the occasional dusting. Because of its durability, it’s also much more resistant to breaking or shattering.


3) Versatility

Custom blinds are suited to a wide variety of interior design styles, from Transitional comfy casual, to a more sleek Modern design.


We are here to help you select the right options and color, depending on what you want to do with them and what aesthetic you want to achieve.


Custom Blinds in Lafayette, LA Cost 


Probably one of the top reasons our clients will choose custom shades and blinds is the very affordable cost. 

Read our article about the Buyers Guide for Affordable Blinds & Shades here.


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We offer a deposit and balance payment plan to allow you options for purchasing your window treatments.

2 Inch Faux Wood Blinds

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